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Garage Door Won’t Open or Close With Remote Control

Union City, Georgia residents love the fact that Garage Door Masters offers all of the services they need, in addition to garage door tips and advice. The good news is that now people everywhere can heed the advice of these professionals as they have opted to share their knowledge and information with a wider audience. Are you dealing with a garage door that will not open or close with the remote control? Are you having trouble figuring out why your garage door remote is not working? There are a couple of different possibilities as to why you could be facing this problem. For one, you might have a broken antenna on the garage door motor. It could also be failing to receive the proper signal because something is blocked or it is not in the correct spot. Regardless of what the reasoning might be, when you have a garage door that will not work, you have a frustrating situation on your hands. It is a great idea to contact a local garage door repair expert, but you can also take a look at some of the tips provided here. You might find that the solution is easier than it appears to be!

If your garage door will not open or close using the remote control, here are some things to check:

  1. If you are unable to use the remote while in your driveway because the garage door is not responding to it, then you might have a communication problem. Let’s say, for instance, that the garage door opener seems to be working as it is supposed to be, except when you try to use the remote control because for some reason it is not receiving the signal. You can make sure that this is the case by using the garage door button which is on your wall. You should initially check the batteries to see that they are not dead or draining. If you stand inside of your garage with the remote in your hand, does it work? If you try to use a different remote, do you still have the same issue? If the remote control does work while you are standing inside of the garage, then you very likely are dealing with a damaged antenna wire. You can move the antenna slightly to see if this makes any difference. The issue might be that the receiver which is mounted on the garage door opener isn’t properly doing its job. For issues involving the radio transmitter, you might want to contact an expert for assistance. Just remember that garage door openers use wiring and electrical parts that shouldn’t be handled by a novice without any experience. In a nutshell, if the issue is just a dead battery, the homeowner can usually fix it. But if the problem extends beyond dead batteries, it is a wise idea to get in touch with an expert.
  2. If you have checked the batteries and they don’t seem to be a point of concern, and if your remote control does work only while inside of the garage, then you could look into a universal garage door opener receiver. Basically, these work by extending the range of your remote control. Brands like LiftMaster create these devices, which can really make a huge difference in how you use your garage door and how convenient it is for you.
  3. Another option that some customers might be interested in is setting up their smartphone so that they can use an app to open and close their garage door, rather than having to use a remote control. This can save any trouble that might otherwise be caused by dead batteries, or by antennas that are falling, and other potential concerns.
  4. Finally, bear in mind that your garage door opener has a lock button. You might have mistakenly activated this portion of the garage door opener without even realizing it. It exists as a safety and security feature. Typically, people turn them on when they know they will be traveling out of town, or otherwise won’t be home for a few days. It would make your remote completely useless if the lock button were to be turned on. This of course is a very simple fix because you just have to deactivate the lock button, at least for the time being, until you want it to be activated once again.

These are some of the most common solutions to garage door openers that will not respond to their remote control. Of course, the problem might be able to be resolved by purchasing a replacement garage door opener. You can also buy a new replacement garage door opener receiver, if this is what the issue is. Another thing that you can buy online is a safety beam. An expert will be able to pinpoint what the exact issue is when your garage door will not open or close with the remote. If you’re in Union City, GA then you should get on the phone with Garage Door Masters. But if you are located somewhere else in the United States, you should do a search online to pull up the best garage door repair company in your area. You are sure to find someone within close proximity to you. Also, be sure to talk with your neighbors and friends – see if they have a name that they recommend.

Be careful when working with the different components of your garage door. It can be tempting to try to resolve problems on your own, but often times, home owners end up doing even more damage by making simple mistakes. Hopefully you have found this information to be useful, and if you have a garage door remote control that is not working, you have a better idea of how to fix it. Remember that an expert can answer any questions that you have!

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