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Union City Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door openers are often taken for granted. We buy them, we install them and then we forget about them, until they stop working, that is. Suddenly you are forced to stop using your garage door automatically and go back to parking outside and using your front door access. There’s an easy and affordable solution. Simply call Garage Door Masters and let our skilled and highly experienced garage door techs repair yours for you.
Repairs are done safely and correctly to your complete satisfaction. We also carry a large line of new garage door opener models in every major style and with all the most requested upgrades and options.

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Q: Are there warning signs that my garage door opener unit is failing?
A: Yes, there are. Here are a few of the most common ones:

  • Your opener works harder to open and close your garage door
  • Your opener manufacturer has gone out of business
  • Your opener model has been recalled
  • You notice burning smells coming from the motor
  • You  hear loud sounds coming from the opener chain

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Don’t be alarmed if any of the above sounds like your opener unit. Here’s what you do. Make a call to Garage Door Masters and let our opener technicians provide help. We offer:

You need a functional and safely working garage door opener! Why not save time and money and let Garage Door Masters help?

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