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Garage Door Spring System vs. Pulley System

If you are in Union City, GA and have questions about spring systems versus pulley systems, be sure to reach out to Garage Door Masters. There are so many different parts and terminology when it comes to how a garage door operates that it can become quite confusing. To put it briefly, extension springs count on a system that consists of garage door pulleys and cables to do their job, which is to safely open the garage door and of course to close it. This is the most basic information to consider if you are curious about springs and pulleys. But here, we will go into more detail so you have a better idea of how all of the parts work. It is good to know how your garage door works – this way, if something goes wrong, you will have a better idea of how to fix it. In addition, you might want to know more about actual pulley systems – this is something that some homeowners attempt to build on their own, and there is sometimes confusion when looking for pulley parts versus systems.

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“Garage door springs” is a term that usually refers to extension springs or torsion springs. If you know anything about springs, you might know that they are connected to a lot of tension – they have to support a great deal of weight. Basically, your garage door is very heavy, weighing hundreds of pounds quite often – and the springs have to be able to support it. Therefore, they have to be in good shape, all of the time.
All parts work together in sync so that you can enjoy a garage door that stays in place, and opens and closes safely and smoothly. Some parts are more dangerous than others, however, if they break. Springs are critical to overall functioning.

Pulley System

If you do a search online, you can find videos on how to create a garage pulley storage system. You can find information on how to hang certain items from your garage ceiling. Let’s just say, things can get confusing if you are just trying to figure out how different components work. If you search on Google, you will find that Amazon has different options, like garage “gators” and platforms, as well as hoists. You will find parts that are meant to build a DIY pulley system. So, why would one want to create a pulley system, anyway? This is something that many homeowners toy around with because they need more garage space. Let’s face it – nowadays, people tend to acquire a lot of items, and space is limited. Unless you have a mansion that you live in, a shed to store all of your tools, a garage to store your cars, and then an extra storage unit, you likely will find yourself running out of space. Even if you do have all of these things, this is still often times the case! You can utilize the convenience of a pulley system to attach a platform to the ceiling of your garage, which will thereby create more storage space for you. Best of all, this storage space will not be in the way – it won’t take up any additional room in the garage. If you consider yourself a very handy person who has experience with DIY projects, then you might attempt to build your own pulley system. This will entail using lumber, a storage platform, 2 by 4s, wood screws, plywood and more. If you aren’t comfortable working with all of these different materials, then your best bet is to hire a professional service or contractor.

Garage Door Spring System

Spring systems can consist of the following terms: extension springs, tension springs, torsion springs, EZ set springs and more. When talking about spring systems, the reference is typically to any springs that make the garage door operate. The springs tend to be located either above the opening of the garage door or sometimes at the ends of the tracks. It all merely depends on the types of springs that your garage door is using. If you’re going to install a pulley system for storage, then you want to know how to work with springs, and you will want to know how important it is to cautiously work with them. For this reason, people often times turn to an expert when they have questions about pulley systems versus spring systems.

If you pull up spring systems online, you’re going to find terminology such as single Ez-set torsion spring replacement, OEM torsion springs, extension springs, Wayne Dalton torquemaster garage door spring, and more. This can make finding what you are looking for confusing, which is why it is always recommended that you speak directly to an expert. Most will offer a free consultation over the phone, allowing you to get all of the information that you are looking for, without any pressure to make a purchase or schedule a service.

Hopefully you have a better idea of how pulleys and springs work to make your garage door function smoothly – and it is our hope that you understand why people build pulley systems for their garage space. It is always a wise idea to turn to an expert when you are dealing with parts that you aren’t very familiar with. It is always best to leave certain things in the hands of experts who understand what they are doing, and who are licensed and insured to ensure your property is protected.

Thanks for checking out more information about spring systems and pulley systems. Remember to call Garage Door Masters in Union City, Georgia if you happen to be in the area and have any questions. Located elsewhere? Do a search through Google and pull up garage door repair and service companies in your city. You are sure to find a lot of options.

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